Best states to go if you want to explore the great outdoors

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I have to be honest, I have never been a big outdoors person. I like going camping during the day if we are camping with friends or family I don’t get to see all the time. And I do love to swim, though I like pools better than rivers over the ocean. But being disabled has limited my ability to enjoy a lot of sports and things like that.

However, I know some families absolutely love camping, hiking, kayaking and those type of things. Being out there is a great bonding experience. If you are looking for a new adventure, here are some states you might want to try..

Alaska, having huge amounts of land and low population, is one of the more obvious choices. You are going to find a lot of wildlife up there. Alaska has a lot of national parks, and some beautiful mountains and scenery. It is a great place to hunt and fish.

Oregon and Montana are also beautiful states that have a lot of national parks. They have both mountain and beaches there. And I’m sure these states will have a lot of eco friendly stuff as well…

Colorado is one of the best places to go skiing, of course. It also has some fabulous lakes.. Let me know if any of these states sounds interesting to you.

Providence, Rhode Island

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Happy Monday everyone. I have a lot I want to do this week, lots of decisions I need to be making soon. So I am going to go on on and get started. It’s a little later than I would like, but anyway.. Let’s do this.

Providence, Rhode Island has been reinventing itself to try to draw more tourists. And everything they have to do has paid off, at least according to Travel + Leisure who ranked Providence the number one city in the United States.

One thing Providence has going for them is their food. They have a culinary arts school in this city. So lots of the students have gone on to open restaurants, eateries and in the area. The speciality seems to be Italian food. There is also a lot of good seafood, as well as some great Dominican Republic food because a lot of immigrants from that area have settled in Providence.

The city also has a lot of cultural events for their guests to enjoy. For one thing, there is a film festival that happens each year in August. There is also something called Foo Fest block party which will feature live music, art, performances, family-friendly activities. Of course there will also be food at this event.. Let me know if you are interested in finding out more ddetail sabout any of this..

The American Girl dream

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I am going to be contacting another host agency, hopefully today. Travel agents who to work from home usually work for a host agency who works with all the different suppliers, help us when we need it, those type of things. My hope is to get them on the phone this afternoon to ask them some questions. I want to make sure that I can keep my business name and things like that.. Anyway, I need to get started.

I know my oldest niece absolutely loves American Girl. She reads any of the books she can get her hands on. She’s always saving up to get the next doll. She loves their movies… So anyway, you get the idea. This is something a lot of girls, maybe ages seven through fourteen, get into. Hyatt Regency has built a hotel in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia that is very close to the American Girl store.

Your American Girl experience begins when you walk through the doors of the hotel. Your daughters will get a gift from the hotel. Their doll will get their own bed.. You and your daughter can enjoy getting all dolled [excuse the pun] up at the salon to be ready for a nice dinner at the American Girl bistro. You can also go shopping one day. Your accommodations will be deluxe. Let me know if you’re interested in planning something like this. I would love to help you.

More on Cuba

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There is a lot going on in my own life right now. I’ve mentioned that. But even reading the travel news, I’m reminded again and again that there is so much going on in this country. There are racial tensions, questions about life and marriage. And then there is this about the United States opening up the way for its citizens to go to Cuba.. Things are just changing in so many ways right now.

There are still a limited number of reasons you can visit Cuba if you are an American citizen. Today is the first day that tours will be sold from the United States to Cuba. These tour operators have done all their research, and know what is allowed and what isn’t. They will guide you through all the legalities, so you will not need to worry about any of that.

One of the most popular reasons to visit Cuba is to get to know its people and culture. So this tour, which usually mostly does sun and fun tours, has a full schedule for you. And of course everything is geared toward helping you getting to know the people of Cuba better. These trips are rather short, only five to seven days.. And they will be starting to take groups in September. Let me know if you are interested in a trip to Cuba.

City passes?

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Life feels crazy right now. There is a lot going in my family right now. And I’m excited because I think there are going to be several occasions where I am going to see several of my siblings who live out of town.. But I’m feeling like I’m getting into a good rhythm with work and am accomplishing some good things each day.

Today let’s talk about city passes. The idea is to get a pass so that you can see different attractions in that city and save money. The original city pass started in San Francisco. But we are going to look more at New York’s city pass. The pass will get you into the Empire State Building, the 9/11 memorial, a couple different museums, Statue of Liberty\Ellis Island, and a couple of other things.. If you plan on seeing every place on the ticket you are going to save fifty five dollars per person which is great.

New York’s pass lasts nine days. My guess is if you were going to go on a vacation you might be able to do everything in a week’s time.. You may be able to work in one evening at the theater.. City passes really depend on what you want to do and how much time you actually have… I would be more than happy to answer specific questions you have..

Working while on vacation?


I am amazed at how early I am on my computer and ready to work. I love getting up early, and hope I can do well with this day.

Working on vacation is something I have mixed feelings about. Personally I try not to work when I can be around family who I don’t get to see that often. And other times when my family goes off to see friends or whatever, it just depends on what we’re doing, and whether I can get internet, things like that. I think I am going to take some time off around the beginning of August.. Anyway, enough about me. I know I’m very blessed to be working for myself, but some people are not that fortunate. Some people can’t leave work completely behind for any number of reasons. Here are some things you can do if you have to work on your next vacation.

First you will want to do everything you can to automate your e-mail before you leave. There is a lot you can do to automate your e-mail before you leave. There is a lot you can do to make sure clients and business partners know when you will be getting back to them. You can even let them what time of day you will be checking your e-mail each day. If you do not own a business and do everything by yourself, you can also refer people e-mailing you to other people who will be able to help them quicker.

And be sure to have a talk to anyhow who will be taking over for you while you are gone. Let them know exactly what you expect them to do. Will you be checking in? Let them know when you plan to do that. You will also want to discuss things that constitute an emergency. Are they going to be able to call you?.

You might want to write and let me know what works for you.

Karisma again

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I’ll be honest. I’m ready to get some work done.. I’m ready to get some things figured out.

I know, we are looking at luxury properties again. But sometimes it’s fun to dream, isn’t it? And this place is absolutely gorgeous. The Riveria Maya s Azul beach Resort is perfect for those who want to soak up some fun in the sun. One thing many clients will like is that there is gourmet room service 24/7. You will be choosing from premium alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. You can also choose from a variety of meals.

There are swim up bars on this property. And there are infinity pools.. And to be honest, I was wondering what an infinity pool was so I looked it up. It is a pool that blends in with the landscape. And like most resorts these days, it has a spa where you can enjoy all kinds of services.

These type of resorts are perfect whether you’re wanting to take a fun girls’ trip, a romantic getaway with your spouse, or a family trip no matter how big or small.. Let me know if you want my my help planning a trip. I would love to help. Is

Once again…

I’m feeling the Friday blues, just wanting to be done.. So today I think we are going to look at reasons why taking a vacation is good for your health.

  • Taking a vacation gets you away from your everyday stressors. You will be away from your normal routine, whether that’s a high stress job or being with kids all day. Doing something different is always nice. Taking time to do things you love will often give you new perspective on life.
  • Stepping back renews your creative energies.. I feel rejuvenated after most weekends, especially when I can do something fun with friends. But sometimes your body needs longer than just the weekend to catch up and relax.
  • Vacations can also bring your family together. On vacation you do not have your usual activities that keep your family going ,different directions. You can take time to do things together. You can actually relax over dinner, have time for meaningful discussions. Vacations are also the times for families to make memories together.

Can you think of other ways vacations can help you or your family? Please let me know.

Cruise bundles?

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Cruise bundles? It’s Thursday, and for once I’m not dragging.. That’s good, because there are several things I would like to do.

Now if I would stop having funny things happen with the computer I’d be good.. Everyone seems to be looking for ways to save, and make, more money these days. Cruise lines are well aware of that fact, and so they’re always looking for ways to give you bonus stuff when you do buy a cruise… Some cruise lines even allow you to choose the deal you want. Celebrity started it with their 1… 2… 3… Go! Pick your Perk deal. With that you can choose beverage packages, prepaid gratuities, or onboard credit. This deal has become so popular that Celebrity has run it time and again.

Norwegian is trying to sell more all inclusive packages to their guests. They are also experimenting with beverage packages on shorter cruises.. Even the luxury line Silverseas is trying to become more all inclusive. You will be getting free internet,

Let me know if any of these sound interesting to you. I will be more than happy to help you figure anything out.

Sirenis for kids


I know I’ve written some about luxury resorts and cruises. That is because they’re fun to write, and hopefully, read about. I would love to start working with some people on luxury vacations. Luxury does not necessarily mean expensive, especially when you are traveling to another country. So keep that in mind as you’re reading this blog and Continue reading