More Mediterranean cruises

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This is kind of just going to be a crazy week for me. We aren’t going out of town, and I’m glad. But a lot of people are going to be coming this weekend. And I know I have things to do most evenings. I think our house guests start arriving tomorrow. I think I am going to work some Friday, but we’ll see..

Anyway, let’s get back to Mediterranean cruises. Azamara does a twelve night cruise to the Holy Land. You will be exploring Nazareth, Jerusalem, as well as parts of Turkey. You will be setting out from Athens, Greece. And there are things you can do while you are at sea, like enjoy their spa. You can also take in shows in the evenings , as well as some other planned activities.

Variety Cruises has announced some new itineraries where your ship will actually be a sail boat. You will be seeing parts of Croattia and Greece on this week long voyage… And if you are thinking, a sail boat? Am I going to be living in comfort on a sail boat? To be honest, it is more like a yacht than a sail boat. They strive to have all the amneties of any other cruise ship. Let me know if you are in either of these. I will be more than happy to help you make the arrangements.

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