Guys’ getaways?


I’ve kind of had one of those weekends where you know one season of your life is over and now you wonder what’s next. I have lots of personal questions right now, but I know I love my work and am glad to get back into all that I need to be doing.

People say you need to know your audience when you write, and I guess that’s especially true when you’re doing a blog. And in my mind, I mostly write to women who are raising families… Maybe you know your husband and a group of his friends have been working hard and a guys’ weekend would do them good. Maybe you need a weekend to do the kids’ school shopping inside a lot of input from your husband. Whatever it is, planning a guys getaway sounds like a good idea.

The first place you may want to consider sending them to is Vegas.. Wait a minute, I try to keep this blog very family friendly. Trust me when I say I’m not suggesting that you send your men away to do naughty things. However, Vegas does have a lot of inexpensive hotels and food options. And during the day, what is known as “The Strip” is pretty family friendly. The guys will also be able to go shooting in that area. They also have great golf which is perfect for the time of year where everything is starting to cool down.

We are going to get back to this tomorrow. Let me know if you have any suggestions on guys’ getaways of your own.


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