Women’s adventure tours


I had a very quiet weekend, quieter than I would have liked. But actually a friend is coming over this evening, so I need to try to get some serious work done today so I’ll be ready to to enjoy myself tonight.

Okay, so last week we talked some about options for guys trips. Now let’s look at a trip that is just for us women. These trips will be taking place in Cuba. Under the new laws, you are required to get to know the people of Cuba for at least part of your trip. But you will be having some adventures along the way as well. We believe that this is the first tour in Cuba that is open to women only.

This tour is designed to let you get up close and personal with Cuba’s wildlife, as well as see some of the country’s beautiful scenery. The trip is designed for people who are thirty and above. On this trip you will be exploring wildlife reserves. You will be meeting with scientists and animal keepers and breeders and biologist. You will also be touring a farm. Please let me know if you are interested in doing something like this. I would be more than happy to help you figure everything out.

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