Avalon Waterways

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I think everyone knows by now that I have changed host agencies. Host agencies are basically the umbrella company that home based agents work through. So far I have nothing but praise for these people. There is so much I want to be doing these days. I am going to go through some of their destination training and blog about it as a way to kind of kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

Today we are going to be looking at Avalon Waterways. This is a river cruise company, and one of the things that sets them a part is their accommodations. They have some of the largest cabins and balconies in the industry. 75% of their ships are all suite ships. And on these ships, their smallest suite are about 170 square feet. They pride themselves on having the most space everywhere on their ships. Even their bathrooms are big.

Each room is going to have a stocked refrigerator. The maids will come and restock your refrigerator each morning, so you should have no worries about that. They have some upscale hair and beauty products for you to use at no additional charge. Most river cruising is done in Europe, and with Avalon, your morning excursion is included in the price. Please let me know if you are interested in taking a river cruise. We are going to get back to this tomorrow.

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