Things to do in Chicago in the fall

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I’m amazed at how much difference one day off and a couple of nice outings can make. I’m feeling ready to get to work and have so much I want to do, so I need to get started on this.

Have you ever thought that you would like to visit Chicago, but weren’t sure when? Fall might be one of the best times to go. This is the in between time where it’s not too hot and not too cold.. And what exactly should you do? I’m glad you asked because that is what this post is going to be about. First, Chicago is home to Willis Tower. If you climb to the top of this building, you can see all four corners of the city. For those that are feeling really brave, there is a glass ledge that is part of this high deck so you can look below and see the city.

There is an art institute in Chicago. You should plan to spend most the day there. They have a cafe where you can buy lunch for everyone.

Going sometime this fall is also going to allow you to catch a Baseball game. I don’t know much about baseball or any sports really, but I do know that Chicago has two teams.. Baseball fans might want to take in a game at each stadium.. Please let me know if you want to go to the great city. I’d be more than happy to help book your hotel.

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