Celebrate potato day by visiting…

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I have to admit that my food tastes are quite childlike. Pizza and hamburgers are still my favorite meals. I love most fast food.. And I absolutely love dessert of most any kinds. I don’t like frozen stuff like ice cream, and I almost never eat hard candy.. I love most things that we Americans do with potatoes… Potato day was actually a couple of days ago. But we are going to look at this today.

French fries.. That is one of America’s favorite foods, so they had to be invented here, right? Wrong! It seems like they were actually invented in Belgium, though I highly doubt they were exactly the same as ours. Belgium was doing their version of french fries before our revolution taken. There are some great french fries to be had in New York City at The Breslin Bar and Dining Room.

Do you prefer tater tots to french fries? Do you know that tots are actually the remnants from making french fries? For the best tater tots, we are going to go to a place in Atlanta, Georgia, which is about a couple of hours from where I live. The restaurant is called The Nook, and they have something called totchoes, which are nachos that are served over tots instead of chips.

Am I making you hungry yet? I know this post is a little different than my usual.. Hope you enjoyed it.

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