Packing tips


My computer is being weird today, so I am just going to see how much I can get done today.. I’ve just found out that we are going to be gone over Labor Day weekend. I am going to play it by ear how much I work.

I talk about the kinds of trips you should take. Today we are again going to do something a little bit different, and give you some tips on packing, since packing is part of every trip… First of all, backpacks are nice things to take as your carry on on airplanes since they are fair ly flexible. Just make sure that your backpack weighs no more than twenty-two pounds, and they can also be no bigger than 21×15 inches. And you are going to want to make sure to put all your electronic devices in Ziploc bags.

Okay, we are Americans. Things like deodorant, bug spray, razors, tampons, and sunscreen are all things we can find in most any city or town. But that is not the case in other countries. If you can find these items in other parts of the world, you are going to pay exorbitant prices.. I think I am going to stop here for now.. Do you have any tips for packing that you just love? I would love to hear them.

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