Random things about hotels

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it’s friday, and i’m ready to get work over and done with. I’m reading an excellent book, but want to get my work done first.

Something you may not know about me is that I love Facebook, that is a great way for me to keep up with family and friends. Don’t know what I’m doing on there for business. But I’m working on that. However, the rest of social media I’m pretty much clueless on. Yes, I do have a twitter account, and have this posted to my account each day. But I need to figure out what else to do with it.. Anyway, this article was inspired by Reddit.

Did you know that you can get a free refrigerator in your room by claiming you have medical need of it. I’m guessing you’d do this if you had to keep your medicine at a certain temperature.. Mom just kept milk in the sink with lots of ice around it.. Anyway, you can request a fridge for medical reasons, and you don’t have to give the exact reason. That would be a hippa violation.. But do you want to get something by being dishonest, especially when someone may really need it?

Sure, hotels change your sheets and pillowcases each day. But they hardly ever change the comforters on the beds until the maids actually see something on it.. But does anyone change their comforters regularly?

Again this is dishonest to me, but if you want to avoid the cancellation fee on your room this is what you should do.. Call the hotel and say you are going to need the room at a later date.. And then you can call back a few hours later and cancel that..

Know what? This is not my favorite post.. Does anyone have better tips for things to do when staying at hotels? Please let me know.

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