What’s next for Disney? #1


I have so many ideas and plans I want to do for this business. I really like my new host agency a lot. They have been extremely helpful.. My hope for this business is to try to get brides interested in my work, and my hope is to do so well on their honeymoons that they’ll come back to me whenever their family needs a travel agent. If you know anyone who is about to get married, I would love to have their contact information.

But today we are going to look at Disney… For those that have been following this blog a while, you know that I love working with Disney. My first booking was Disney, and I would love to work more with Disney. They’re truly an amazing company, and are fantastic to work with.

Anyway, Disney has some new attractions coming to both Disneyland and Disney World. The first thing that they’re working on is a Star Wars land. This land is going to be a dreamto  come true for Star Wars’ fans. And Disney is all about making dreams come true. This will look like you are in a galaxy all it’s own. And there will always be a battle going on.

We are going to look at other Disney attractions coming tomorrow. Let me know if you are interested in taking a trip to Disney.

Women’s adventure tours


I had a very quiet weekend, quieter than I would have liked. But actually a friend is coming over this evening, so I need to try to get some serious work done today so I’ll be ready to to enjoy myself tonight.

Okay, so last week we talked some about options for guys trips. Now let’s look at a trip that is just for us women. These trips will be taking place in Cuba. Under the new laws, you are required to get to know the people of Cuba for at least part of your trip. But you will be having some adventures along the way as well. We believe that this is the first tour in Cuba that is open to women only.

This tour is designed to let you get up close and personal with Cuba’s wildlife, as well as see some of the country’s beautiful scenery. The trip is designed for people who are thirty and above. On this trip you will be exploring wildlife reserves. You will be meeting with scientists and animal keepers and breeders and biologist. You will also be touring a farm. Please let me know if you are interested in doing something like this. I would be more than happy to help you figure everything out.

Tired of relaxing?

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It’s Friday, and it feels kind of weird and sad not to have any plans for the weekend. With the weekend before last being my Grandpa’s funeral, and then last weekend being my brother’s wedding… It’s just going to be a very different weekend. I’m hoping to get to do some things with friends on Sunday at least.

There is a new study out by Princess Cruises that shows that Americans are relaxing less and less.. And in case you’re wondering why I’m writing about this, a lot of what we in the travel industry do, and my hope is that most of my own business will be leisure travel. So hearing that most people in this country are relaxing less is kind of discouraging.. But let’s get into more of the particulars on this study. About 50% of us are now taking our vacation days and using them to do things that they need to do, like going to the doctor or taking care of errands. Is that really restful to anyone?

The interesting thing is that one third of the people that were survey actually felt stressed when thinking about relaxing. What’s that about? Around 40% feel guilty about relaxing. And one third of us are saying that it is better to live within their budget than taking time to relax… Okay, I get the thing about wanting to live within your means, but you can’t work 24/7, you just can’t.. I would love to hear your thoughts about all this.. How do you balance life and work?

Staying healthy on a cruise

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The last of our family left very early this morning. It’s kind of sad to think that all of the festivities are over. But maybe now I will get more serious about work. I know I need to sit down and think through a lot of things. But of course I want to get this done for the day.

Cruises are sometimes known as places people are more likely to get sick. It seems like every time an epidemic breaks out on a cruise ship, it’s all over the news. And who wants to get sick when you are on vacation? Here are some things you can do to try to prevent getting sick on a cruise.

The first thing you need to remember is to wash your hands thoroughly and often. A lot of ships have hand sanitizer in a lot of different places. If you are bringing your children on the cruise, try making this into a game, seeing how many times the kids wash and sanitize their hands each day.

Even if you did buy the unlimited soda package, you will want to drink plenty of water as well. Water is what truly keeps you hydrated. It is best to drink bottled water, and on most ships bottled water is complementary.

We are going to get back to this tomorrow.. I would love to know your thoughts on all this.

Guys getaways #2


I’m starting kind of late, but anyway.. I really would like to get some more bookings in soon. If you’re interested in taking a trip, please let me know. Or if you know anyone who wants to take a trip, I would love it if you would let them know about me.

Anyway, let’s get back to discussing guys’ trips. The next place that is discussed in this article I’m reading is New Orleans. This is another city that has a lot of temptations such as gambling. But there is a football team there if your guys are into that. And there is a lot of great food to be had in that area. And what guys’ trip would be complete without lots of great food? There is also great jazz your guys can listen to.

If the guys love to golf, Myrtle Beach might be a great place to send them. There are many different courses they will be able to choose from. And there is a wide range of prices when you go to the different places. Myrtle Beach doesn’t really have an off season, and so there are always great places to stay, nice restaurants to eat in, and they will always have some kind of night life your guys can take in.

Let me know if you are interested in either of these places. I would be more than happy to help you book your next trip.

Guys’ getaways?


I’ve kind of had one of those weekends where you know one season of your life is over and now you wonder what’s next. I have lots of personal questions right now, but I know I love my work and am glad to get back into all that I need to be doing.

People say you need to know your audience when you write, and I guess that’s especially true when you’re doing a blog. And in my mind, I mostly write to women who are raising families… Maybe you know your husband and a group of his friends have been working hard and a guys’ weekend would do them good. Maybe you need a weekend to do the kids’ school shopping inside a lot of input from your husband. Whatever it is, planning a guys getaway sounds like a good idea.

The first place you may want to consider sending them to is Vegas.. Wait a minute, I try to keep this blog very family friendly. Trust me when I say I’m not suggesting that you send your men away to do naughty things. However, Vegas does have a lot of inexpensive hotels and food options. And during the day, what is known as “The Strip” is pretty family friendly. The guys will also be able to go shooting in that area. They also have great golf which is perfect for the time of year where everything is starting to cool down.

We are going to get back to this tomorrow. Let me know if you have any suggestions on guys’ getaways of your own.

New Hampshire festivals

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I sincerely love my job. And I know I am very blessed to be able to say that.. Again I am just going to play it by ear whether I work tomorrow.

But anyway, have you taken a summer vacation this year? If you haven’t, you might want to visit New Hampshire and attend one of these festivals. Especially if you don’t like fighting the crowds, now may be the perfect time for you to go on vacation. I know some  children have already gone back to school or are heading back soon. So many families are settling into their normal routines. This could also mean that you can get discounts on your hotel rooms… So the first festival we are going to look at is is an arts in Portsmouth. It sounds like it’s mostly a theater type of festival. There is a lot of Shakespeare plays that are performed. You can also watch the play of Peter Pan. Everything is very family friendly.

I must confess, I saw Pittsburgh and immediately thought they were talking about Pennsylvania. But no, there is a Pittsburgh, New Hampshire as well. And in this fair city, there is a festival that takes place each August. Here you will see an automobile show, dog shows, guided tours and so much more.. Let me know if you would be interested in either of these.

More Mediterranean cruises

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This is kind of just going to be a crazy week for me. We aren’t going out of town, and I’m glad. But a lot of people are going to be coming this weekend. And I know I have things to do most evenings. I think our house guests start arriving tomorrow. I think I am going to work some Friday, but we’ll see..

Anyway, let’s get back to Mediterranean cruises. Azamara does a twelve night cruise to the Holy Land. You will be exploring Nazareth, Jerusalem, as well as parts of Turkey. You will be setting out from Athens, Greece. And there are things you can do while you are at sea, like enjoy their spa. You can also take in shows in the evenings , as well as some other planned activities.

Variety Cruises has announced some new itineraries where your ship will actually be a sail boat. You will be seeing parts of Croattia and Greece on this week long voyage… And if you are thinking, a sail boat? Am I going to be living in comfort on a sail boat? To be honest, it is more like a yacht than a sail boat. They strive to have all the amneties of any other cruise ship. Let me know if you are in either of these. I will be more than happy to help you make the arrangements.

Mediterranean cruises #2

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I’m on and ready to work earlier today, which is always a good thing. I have switched the company I am working for, though I am still Family Trips Inc. When you’re a travel agent working from home, you usually have your own business but are under an umbrella company… I guess that’s the best way to describe it. Anyway, I have initial training to do, and a lot of things to do. So let’s get started.

Back to Mediterranean cruises… There is a French cruiseline called Ponant that is going to be exploring parts of Italy and Greece as well as some smaller countries. This is going to be a seven night cruise. You will have two elegant restaurants to choose from. There are some beautiful suites you can stay in.

Norwegian Cruise Lines, which may be the most reasonably cruise in this list, has a voyage which will explore parts of Italy, France and Spain. On this cruise you will have access to a bowling alley, an adults only beach club, and a comedy club.. Let me know if you are interested in either of these..

Mediterranean cruises #1

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I am coming back from spending kind of a surprise weekend with my favorite aunt and her kids. I had an absolute blast. But I am finding that I’m not as sad as I usually am coming home from time with the family.. I have a lot I need to do, and somehow I feel quite ready to tackle it.. I did have some personal stuff to catch up on. and so I am much later than I would like to be, but hopefully I am going to get back in a more normal routine.

Okay, so let’s talk about Mediterranean cruises. Summer is a great time to cruise Europe, but so is the fall. And it looks like the article I am reading is going to be talking about unusual cruises that are going to France, Spain, Italy, Greece and croatia.

Beginning this year, Windstar is taking two luxury ships to the coast of Spain. You will actually be setting out in Portugal for this eight day voyage. Most of the passengers will be staying in suites. People will be enjoying some downtime, and during that time you can relax at the spa or spend the day at the pool. Your journey will end in Barcelona.

Is sailing through Italy your dream? You might be interested to know that a company called Star Clippers does just that. You will also be exploring parts of Greece and Croatia on this cruise. This is an eleven night voyage… We are going to get back to this tomorrow. Let me know if you are interested in either of these.