Wanna see the Pope?


It’s Friday, and part of me keeps thinking of things I want to do, but part of me is kind of ready for some weekend fun too.. I’m not sure where the balance is, but I’ll figure it out. It’s time to get some things done.

My Grandpa died this past summer, as most of you know.. But what you may not know is that Grandpa was Catholic. I have also known a lot of other Catholics.. The Catholic church here is very active in our pro life group. And I also know that you don’t necessarily have to be Catholic in order to want to see the Pope. So here are some tips if you are making plans to see the Pope.

  • First, as you can imagine, security is going to be tight at the airport to these cities. If you are flying to one of these cities, you’ll want to plan on staying a couple of days before and a couple of days after.
  • Another way you can avoid some of the craziness is to travel by train instead of by airplane. Amtrak is making preparations for that by increasing the number of people they are going to be able to take to that area during that Time.
  • You will want to keep in mind that some people are looking to make money any way they can. Be very careful when you buy tickets. Some of these events are actually free.
  • And of course, since a lot of people are going to want to come to these events, prices for hotels and other accommodations are going to be higher than normal.

I’d love to hear about your trip if you do go to see the Pope.

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