Budgeting for a trip to Southeast Asia?

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It’s Monday, and I’m kind of fighting the feeling of the weekend wasn’t long enough. It may be because I’m still adjusting to working on Saturday. Or maybe it has more to do with my sister and I planning a fun weekend this coming weekend. Whatever it is, I’m getting over it now.

I’m actually talking to someone about maybe going to Thailand at some point.. I’m kind of surprised that this article is saying that a trip to this area is relatively inexpensive. But then again, I know that some things in China can be very inexpensive.

As with all trips, what you want to do on this trip is going to determine how much you are going to spend. Are you going to just lie on the beautiful beaches all day day? Do you want to go and party all night? What kind of accommodations do you want? Are you going to be happy sleeping anywhere, or are you dreaming of a luxurious suite? Are you more into fine restaurants or streetvendors?

These questions are something you need to consider any time you go on a trip… I’d love to help you walk through these questions and more as you prepare for your next trip. Please let me know if I can help you plan an adventure.

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