Start a travel club #2


It’s Friday, and I have so much I want to do today. As always, I’m thinking of things I want to do to grow my business.. At the same time, I don’t think a few days of relaxation is going to do me any harm either.. I think my sister and I are going to have one nice dinner together out at a restaurant. My family almost never eats out together. We’ve also decided to go see all our family who is in the Atlanta area. I might be looking forward to that more anything.

Anyway, starting this travel club is something I’m really wanting to do. I think my main hope right now is that I’ll figure out a couple of friends in the area who will catch this vision. I know I can do all the research, and of course I want to do all the trip bookings myself. But because of my disability, I’m rather nervous about actually hosting the events by myself.

Anyone who wants to start one of these travel clubs will want to put the word out on all their social media sites.. If you want a huge group, ask your friends to post the information to their sites as well.

Your club might want to make your first meeting some kind of party. Hopefully you are going to be gathering a good many people together, and they are going to want to get to know each other… Next time, which will probably be Tuesday, we are going to discuss rules for your club.

2 thoughts on “Start a travel club #2

  1. Just getting cheek to internet after being gone several days.. Please let me know if you want any help with that. And of course I would love to book the trips

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