Start a travel club #3


I really did think about working last night. But we had gotten into traffic on the way, and it turned a two hour trip into three. By the time we were home it was almost time to meet my new evening aide. And once she left, I was tired, and didn’t want to start into everything. Today I got up early and am able to start on work which feels so nice today.

Okay, let’s get back to discussing starting a travel club. Hopefully I am going to make some more progress on my own travel club soon. Okay, either on your first or second meeting, you are going to want to decide on the club’s officers. Maybe you can discuss some candidates at your first meeting, and then make the decisions at the second. First, you are going to need to decide on the club president. The club president will preside over the meetings. The vice president is the one that is going to do the actual planning of the trips. You are going to need a secretary to take the minutes. You will also need a treasurer to handle the money and finances of the club. You may want to consider having a club historian who will keep your pictures of your trips.

Some travel club set up their own websites. And someone who knows how will have to run that.. And it’s usually best to set up a bank account for the travel club right away. That will be the treasurer’s first job.

I think we are going to do at least one more post on this. My hope is that my travel club is going to be a big part of my business..

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