Start a travel club #4

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I do not have any excuse. I mean, I started working yesterday. And I do want to work, I do, but somehow I’m distracted. The computer is kind of being funny. Nothing is wrong really, but… Oh I don’t know. I’m kind of just in a weird place right now.. Anyway, I need to get started on something.

Large groups of people who travel together can usually get a good discount, so it is to your benefit to gather a large group around you.. Some travel clubs have a specific niche they want to do together. Some clubs just do Disney trips together. Other groups decide to do cruises together. The vice president is usually in charge of all the bookings that your group is going to need. But if they do not know what they are doing, or need help, I would be more than happy to help.

Especially as you are starting out, you are going to want to do themed parties.. You are going to want the people in your group to get to know each other. You will also want to get them excited about travel. You will want to decorate for your meetings to make it like you are actually traveling together.

If you want any help planning or organizing, I’d be more than happy to help you. Please let me know.


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