Family friendly places in France


This week has felt crazy to me. I have lots of things I want and need to do with work. But I’ve had internet problems. Things have been kind of crazy with my aides. Different ones are coming and we never are quite sure when they are going to come. And we also have church stuff going on in the evenings. Kind of just doing what I can when I can.

But anyway.. Let’s talk about France.. France may be a popular place to go on honeymoons and other romantic trips, but it is also a great place to take your family. Paris is such a popular place for tourists to go that they’ve developed this city so that you should experience very little culture shock. Everyone should recognize the Eiffel Tower and enjoy getting to see it up close. Notre Dame is also located there, and children will love to see where the Hunchback spent his life. Some places allow children under eighteen to get in free. And of course, there is good food nearly everywhere go.

I am going to stop here and get to some other things. Please let me know if you are interested in going to Paris. I’d be more than happy to help you out..

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