Manners around the world


Hopefully now that I’m ready to work, things will go a little smoother. I’m kind of just having a Monday, but anyway…

As parents, you are probably at least trying to train your children to have decent manners. But manners are not the same in every country. Some of these may make you laugh.

  • Germans consider it rude to cut your potatoes at the dinner table. You will always want to to mash you potatoes.
  • In America it’s kind of a joke we have to “eat and run”. But in Spain, you do not want to do that. Take your time to relax, to enjoy the company of whoever you are eating with. And yes, this does apply throughout the week.
  • Britain considers eating asparagus with your hands to be the proper way. And as we know, Britain expects you to do everything properly.  This eating with your hands is especially true when you are dipping your asparagus in a sauce.
  • Mexicans do not want to see anyone using a fork to eat tacos. Please use your hands.

Maybe you’ll want to wait until your children are older and able to understand that different countries do things differently sometimes. I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

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