Having the end of summer blues? #2

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Taking the weekend off has helped me get refocused on work. There are several things I now want and need to do. I’ve changed my e-mail address to sarah@familytripsinc1.com. Hopefully I am going to be able to figure out how to switch everything over pretty easily. And that’s just one thing I want to get to. There is a lot of training I want to get to. So let’s get started on this..

People who want to stay at the Nevis Nisbit Plantation Beach Club for more than four nights between October eighteenth and December eighteenth can get $100 off their airfare. You will also receive a $200 beverage credit per room. Your breakfasts are covered in the price.. You will also get your transfers to and from the hotel. One other perk is your name will be thrown into the hat to get your complete airfare paid for.

The Marriott properties in the Caribbean are offering a discount of 30% if you stay more than two nights. You can book your stay any time between now and the thirty-first to stay anywhere between now and the thirty-first. Let me know if you are interested in anything like this.


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