More things to bring on your hotel stay

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It’s Thursday, and I kind of wish it was Monday. I just have a lot I want to do. And tonight our local pregnancy center is having their gala, and I am going. So I’ve got to get some things done..

You may want to consider bringing earplugs on your next hotel stay. And this is especially true if you are staying at a less expensive hotel. The nicer hotels seem to be better sound proofed, and the people staying there are likely more aware to be considerate to others. Nicer hotels are also more likely to be away from busy highways. You might also want to bring a white noise machine.

Some person I know absolutely love these scented candles. And especially if you are one of those people, you might wanting to bring your candle from home.. Another reason you might want to bring candles is if you are having a romantic getaway.

If you are going to a hotel all by yourself, you might want to consider bringing a journal. I’m constantly journaling myself, and like people say, journaling is a relaxing experience. Sometimes it just helps to get everything written out.

Do you have something you always bring on a hotel trip? I would love to hear about it.

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