More romantic getaways

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I am going to try to do the necessary things today. My family has some things going on this afternoon. It would have been nice to get up early, but that did not happen. I’m actually a lot later starting than usual. But anyway..

St James Club Morgan Bay is one of the most popular resorts in the Caribbean. Now if you are looking for a romantic getaway, you may want to think carefully, and maybe ask your friendly travel agent some questions, because this is a very family friendly resort. But it is built in one of St Lucia’s most beautiful areas. This is an all inclusive resort which is on a beautiful beach. There are several different pools for you to enjoy, and they have five bars you can choose from.

Palm Island Resort and Spa is on A private island which is rated among the best places to stay. This is also known as one of the most romantic resorts in the world. There are no telephones or televisions in this place, added to the secluded feel. But you can bike, hike, or sail at this place. And of course, there are beautiful beaches to to enjoy here.

Let me know if you are interested in either of these places, or if you have any questions for me.

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