River cruising is not just for older people

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It is Friday, and part of me just wants to get the more necessary things over over and done with. There’s so much I could be doing, but my family has some other things we’re planning to do this weekend.. And that includes going to the theater, something that is very rare for us.

River cruising is kind of a hot topic in the industry. But up to this point, the majority of river cruisers are those that are older. They’re usually retired, and usually this is something people wouldn’t want to take children with them on these trips. Sure, river cruises are done at a slower pace. River cruises feature exexcellent dining experiences which older people love. But, don’t younger people enjoy fine dining too? River cruises offer a lot of educational and cultural experiences. Again, don’t young people enjoy those things just as much as older people?

But the hopeful news is Disney is going to be starting to offer river cruises. And everyone knows that Disney’s market is families.. Hopefully we are going to get more details on what exactly they are offering in the coming weeks.

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