Christmas cruises

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I hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving. I know I did. But I’m not really sad to be back to work, and part of that might be because I know Christmas is right around the corner.. I’m not sad, but I’m a little overwhelmed with everything I want to do. Anyway, let’s get started.

The travel industry is huge, and after being a travel agent two and a half years, I’m definitely still learning. One of the things I haven’t known until this morning was that a lot of people like to go on cruises for their Christmas vacation. I can see this being good for those that are by themselves or part of a small family. Maybe you’d like to gather some of your close friends and go on a cruise. I can also see this being great for larger families where everyone would everyone would rather not do the cooking or the cleaning that a big family gathering requires. So let’s look at a couple of cruises today.

You might want to consider going on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Everyone in your family can enjoy a nice holiday meal together. The kids will also enjoy visits with Santa, Christmas cookies, a Christmas parade, and other surprises along the way. There is one cruise that is going to be like this this. But if this year is too soon to plan, there is another very similar cruise being planned for next Christmas.

Holland America is also planning a Christmas voyage. You will be served delicious holiday meals, and they will also be serving Christmasy high tea. You will receive a visit from Santa on this ship as no well. And the ship’s crew is going to be singing you Christmas carols. And again something very similar is being planned for 2016 if you feel this year is just too soon. Please let me know if you are interested in something like this. I would love to help you.



More to do in NYC for the holidays

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I have several things I would love to get done today. Sadly, I feel like things are going slowly.. But anyway, I would love to know some places you dream of traveling to. I am always getting travel deals, and would love to be able to match some of these deals with people who want them.

I have a confession to make, I love watching Hallmark movies. But I especially love watching Hallmark Christmas movies. There is just something special about this time of year. And of course, some of these Christmas movies are set in New York City. Today let’s look at some of the lesser known things you can do in the city at this time of year.

  • Did you know that there is a train show that is held every year? This is held at Grand Central Station.
  • The Coca Cola Center does a Winter Wonderland each year.
  • People perform something called “Radio City Christmas Spectacular”
  • There is also a train show in their botanical gardens.
  • There are also Christmas plays that will be performed in various places.

Let me know if you are interested in learning more about any of these things.

Holidays in theBig Apple

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I think I’m just ready for some holiday time. I love this job, I really do. But I’m ready to take some time away and maybe get some fresh ideas for this business. I’m feeling like I’m on auto pilot, doing what needs to be done., but not sure where to go from here.

There is something special to me about New York City. I’ve never been. I would like to one day, but we’ve see what happens. Did you know that 5.2 million people are expected to visit this city between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? And we all know why most people are going. There are some wonderful parades, great shopping, and then there is Times Square on New Year’s.

Yes, at Thanksgiving, most people go to New York City to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. But you may also want to go ice skating, and there are several places to do that, not just the Rockefellar Center where everyone goes in the movies.

Manhattan has several holiday markets where you can shop for gifts. One of them happens to be opening today. We may get back to this tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Great hotels to visit for Thanksgiving

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I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I am accomplishing things day by day, even with this and that to do in the evenings. I think my brother and his wife will arrive for Thanksgiving late tomorrow or sometime Friday. I’m still not sure if I am going to try to do anything Monday or Tuesday, but I’m not going to work when we’re up at my sister’s house.

I’ve heard people say that they want to change things up this holiday season. If you are one of those people, maybe you’d like to just go to a hotel for Thanksgiving? If that is you, here are some suggestions.

The first one we are going to look at is JW Marriott Essex House which is in New York City. They have a fitness center there for you to use as well as a full service spa. But while in the city you are going to have the opportunity to watch the Thanksgiving parade live. You might want to take in a Broadway show. The hotel also has a great Thanksgiving buffet that is opened from one to seven.

San Diego’s Marriott Del Mar also has a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and twenty-four hour room service. They will be serving guests a Thanksgiving buffet as well. You will have all of your holiday favorites on this buffet.. Let me know if you are interested in either of these.

Family friendly hotels in Hawaii

Okay, well, WordPress has changed things around on me, and I’m not sure how to add a picture to this post. I’m starting a little later than I’d like. I have several things I’m trying to work on in my business. But I also have more and more social things coming up. Trying to learn to balance everything is something I always seem to be working on. But anyway, let’s get started on this.

Hawaii is a great place for families to visit together. And today we are going to look a couple of great hotels that families will want to stay in. The first hotel is the Hilton Waikokoa. And this resort is so big, and there is so much you want to do here, your family will likely want to stay right here the whole time. This place has several large pools you will have access to. There are water slides, a beautiful lagoon where you can do all kinds of water activities, and there are two golf courses. And of course you are also going to have plenty of restaurants to choose from when it comes time to eat.

The Sheraton Kona is the perfect place for your family to go if they want to explore the Big Island. It is kind of in the center of everything, making it a convenient place to get back and forth from. Of course, they do have a pool and lots of other activities you can enjoy right there on property. I would love to know if you are interested in either of these properties.

Thanksgiving cruises

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First, I want to say that I am praying for everyone in France. My church made it a point to stop and pray for everyone involved.

My next couple of weeks look busy with friends and family things. It is going to be so much fun, and I’m just going to work as I can, and enjoy the time I get with family and everyone. But let’s get started.

Again, most people are going to want to be home with home with families over the holidays. And I know some families like to do all the traditional things, and I’m gglad my family is one of those. Other families like to change things up from time to time. And if your family is one of those that is looking for something different to do, here are some ideas. MSC is offering a seven night cruise. You will be getting a traditional Thanksgiving dinner was that day. You can go to the bar if you want to watch football.. Kids can take part in costume parades and Thanksgiving cooking classes.

American Cruise Lines gives part of your fare to food banks across the country, so you’re actually giving back when you go on these cruises. You are still going to get your traditional turkey dinner and everything. Let me know if you are interested in either of these

More tips for holiday travel

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It’s Saturday, but nothing much is going on around here. I figure I might as well get some work stuff done since nothing else is going on.

Back to tips for traveling this Thanksgiving. Do yourself a favor and leave as early as you possibly can. There will be so many travelers trying to get somewhere. There will be people who travel all the time and know exactly what do. And then there are those that will have no idea what they’re doing. Please be kind to everyone. This for everyone whatever means of transportation you plan to use. The majority of people will be traveling on Wednesday sometime. You might want to even consider traveling on Thanksgiving Day itself. And it is wise to go home on Friday, I think that’s what we’ll be doing. Saturday is going to be heavier traffic, but Sunday is going To be the heavier.

Or if you don’t have plans with your family and feel like doing something drastic, go abroad. Everyone and their brother will be going to see their families. You can get some great deals on international flights at Thanksgiving time.. I would love to know your thoughts on these tips.

Tips for traveling at Thanksgiving


I must confess that I just want to get this done. I’m not feeling my best, just have a little cold or something. I finally have a clear picture of how to start on this big project of mine. And I also have several fun things happening this weekend, and I’m anxious for the fun to start.

Are you traveling  for Thanksgiving? A lot of people are. I know  my family is. We’re actually heading to Atlanta, where my sister lives, Tuesday evening. Hopefully there is going to be less traffic then.

But the first thing this article recommends is not to leave everything for the last minute. Make sure you have all of your travel documents together in one place. Make it a point to fill up your ggas tank in advance e. If you’re planning to travel right after work, you might want to pack your car that morning so that you won’t have to go home after work.

Pack lightly. If you’ll be staying with family or friends, they’re likely to let you use their washer. And even some hotels have laundry facilities. You just have to ask… Can you think of other things you can do to cut down on stress during holiday travel?

Tips for saving on a hotel during the holidays


I have certain things I try to do each day. Obviously this is one of those things. And I also check e-mail and try to do some training on a destination. And then I do marketing stuff. I think I’m still trying to perfect my system. But I’m working on figuring things out.

Can you believe that we’re about two weeks until Thanksgiving? I love everything about this time of year, the music, the decorations, the plays and parties. I’m listening to Christmas music now.. My family is gathering at my sister’s for Thanksgiving. And then for Christmas we are going to be gathering at one of my parents’ other ho use.. But maybe your family doesn’t have enough room for you to sleep in their house. Or maybe you just want to try something different this year. Whatever your reasons, here are a couple of thought on how to get a inexpensive room.

I know that in my family, we kind of let my siblings decide on when we gather. They’re trying to balance being with us and their in laws, and they like to be in their homes on Christmas day. But it helps if you can be flexible on your dates when trying to find a good deal on hotels. And sometimes it helps if you want to book longer stays.

Another thing to keep in mind is that hotels can be pretty empty during this time of year. After all, most people are gathering with families. You might be able to negotiate a really good deal… Or if you don’t want to negotiate yourself, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to try to figure something out for you.

Business update


I know it’s Veteran’s Day. I have several veterans in my family, and since we live near a military base, we have known a lot of soldiers.. I’m not taking the day off because I know I am going to take some time off both at Thanksgiving and Christmas. And when you love what you do, you don’t want to take time off unless something big is happening.

Besides, I have some kind of big news to share. I have a website again. I let my first website go because it was going to cost a good bit of money to keep. But this site is completely free. I would love to know your thoughts on this website. It is

And no, this is not my big idea. The big idea is very slow in coming together like I want it. I’m thinking about writing my travel agent friends to bounce some ideas off them.