Living like royalty in Scotland #2

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I’m actually starting at the time I would like to start each morning. I’m one who loves to get up early and getting things done.. I did get some marketing stuff done, and plan to do more today. I have no idea where anything is going right now. But we’ll see.

Let’s get back to these Scottish castles. The first one we are going to look at is actually called Fasque Castle, and this castle is in Fettercairn. That is a perfect estate to do a destination wedding or a honeymoon. You are treated like lords and ladies at this castle. And if you want them to treat you extra special and have all the extras, just stay in room 12.

Glencoe House is in Glencoe Glen. This is in the Highlands area of Scotland. It is known for its seven fantastic suites and its incredible dining experience. Each of the suites has its own dining room, and you will be served each meal in there, course by course. Suite three has one bedroom with a king-sized bed, and the other bedroom has two twin beds. You will also have a living room, along with the dining room.

Let me know if you would anymore information on either of these places.

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