Taking the kids to Italy

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It’s kind of quiet around here right now. I’m visiting my brother and his family. My older niece is at school. My parents have gone out with my sister in law to do some shopping. And my brother is letting my little niece and the nephew we brought with us.. Listening to the two of them play is fun. But let’s get started on this.

Okay yes, children, and those that enjoy eating like them, are going to love all the spaghetti and pizza that is made by the masters. And you will know how much of the touristy stuff your family will want to do. But Italy has some great places for families to enjoy together. The first one we are going to look at is Lake Garda, which has a lot to offer right there. You will find an amusement park nearby, and of course there are all kinds of water sports you can enjoy as a family.

Or at this time of year especially, you might be more interested in a place like beautiful South Tyrol. It is the perfect place to do some skiing. this is one of the most affordable places to ski in Europe, and it is also quite family friendly. This is not an overcrowded place, which makes it a great place for those learning to ski. And when you do get tired of skiing, there is an indoor pool or Jacuzzi for you to enjoy.. I would love to know your thoughts on either of these places.

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