Tips for traveling at Thanksgiving


I must confess that I just want to get this done. I’m not feeling my best, just have a little cold or something. I finally have a clear picture of how to start on this big project of mine. And I also have several fun things happening this weekend, and I’m anxious for the fun to start.

Are you traveling  for Thanksgiving? A lot of people are. I know  my family is. We’re actually heading to Atlanta, where my sister lives, Tuesday evening. Hopefully there is going to be less traffic then.

But the first thing this article recommends is not to leave everything for the last minute. Make sure you have all of your travel documents together in one place. Make it a point to fill up your ggas tank in advance e. If you’re planning to travel right after work, you might want to pack your car that morning so that you won’t have to go home after work.

Pack lightly. If you’ll be staying with family or friends, they’re likely to let you use their washer. And even some hotels have laundry facilities. You just have to ask… Can you think of other things you can do to cut down on stress during holiday travel?

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