More tips for holiday travel

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It’s Saturday, but nothing much is going on around here. I figure I might as well get some work stuff done since nothing else is going on.

Back to tips for traveling this Thanksgiving. Do yourself a favor and leave as early as you possibly can. There will be so many travelers trying to get somewhere. There will be people who travel all the time and know exactly what do. And then there are those that will have no idea what they’re doing. Please be kind to everyone. This for everyone whatever means of transportation you plan to use. The majority of people will be traveling on Wednesday sometime. You might want to even consider traveling on Thanksgiving Day itself. And it is wise to go home on Friday, I think that’s what we’ll be doing. Saturday is going to be heavier traffic, but Sunday is going To be the heavier.

Or if you don’t have plans with your family and feel like doing something drastic, go abroad. Everyone and their brother will be going to see their families. You can get some great deals on international flights at Thanksgiving time.. I would love to know your thoughts on these tips.

One thought on “More tips for holiday travel

  1. Makes sense. I’m actually traveling to Tennessee on Thanksgiving Day. I’ve traveled to California on Thanksgiving and I just make sure to be at the airport early and just enjoy the scenery. There is no stress if you just prepare to enjoy whatever the day brings you.

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