Christmas cruises

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I hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving. I know I did. But I’m not really sad to be back to work, and part of that might be because I know Christmas is right around the corner.. I’m not sad, but I’m a little overwhelmed with everything I want to do. Anyway, let’s get started.

The travel industry is huge, and after being a travel agent two and a half years, I’m definitely still learning. One of the things I haven’t known until this morning was that a lot of people like to go on cruises for their Christmas vacation. I can see this being good for those that are by themselves or part of a small family. Maybe you’d like to gather some of your close friends and go on a cruise. I can also see this being great for larger families where everyone would everyone would rather not do the cooking or the cleaning that a big family gathering requires. So let’s look at a couple of cruises today.

You might want to consider going on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Everyone in your family can enjoy a nice holiday meal together. The kids will also enjoy visits with Santa, Christmas cookies, a Christmas parade, and other surprises along the way. There is one cruise that is going to be like this this. But if this year is too soon to plan, there is another very similar cruise being planned for next Christmas.

Holland America is also planning a Christmas voyage. You will be served delicious holiday meals, and they will also be serving Christmasy high tea. You will receive a visit from Santa on this ship as no well. And the ship’s crew is going to be singing you Christmas carols. And again something very similar is being planned for 2016 if you feel this year is just too soon. Please let me know if you are interested in something like this. I would love to help you.


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