How hotels cater to families


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I may not say this enough, but I thoroughly enjoy my job. No, I’m not where I want to be, but I enjoy working at this every day. And I do know that enjoying what you do day to day is a blessing.

Now let’s talk some more about hotels… We in the travel industry have learned that families like traveling together. And more and more that doesn’t just mean parents and their children, it can include grandparents, aunts and uncles. Sometimes families decide to bring friends along. And of course, we travel professionals like that and want to encourage guests to come, to love their experiences, and want to come again.

One way many hotels are trying to do this is having more suites that have more space. Families just want more room, and hotels are trying to accommodate that. Hotels are doing more and more multi-room suites. Some will even have bunk beds. Some hotel suites sound more like apartments than hotels because they have kitchens and dining rooms in them.

Hotels are also looking into doing more children’s programs. And most children’s programs are both educating and entertaining. Some are going to be about science and others are going to be more about the culture of where the hotels. Please let me know what questions you have.


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