Cruises to celebrate the New Year

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My family is actually going to gather the week between Christmas and New Year’s. So I think I’m probably going to work up until Christmas Eve, and then not work anymore until the beginning of next year. So let me get going on this so that I can get to some other things.

Okay, the first New Year’s cruise is with Norwegian Cruise Lines. I’m working through Norwegian’s course work these days.. Anyway, Norwegian’s Escape is going to embark from Miami December 26th. They’ll be sailing to Nassau, Tortela, and St Thomas on this Seven-night  voyage. Guests can take in an eighties themed show at the ship’s dinner theater. On New Year’s Eve, guests are going able to enjoy a wide variety of desserts on the buffet, and there will be a countdown celebration on the bridge.

Royal Caribbean is going to celebrate New Year’s with a countdown and champagne toast. You are also going to get a fantastic dinner. Independence of the Seas will set out from Fort Lauderdale the twenty-eighth of December for a five-night cruise.

Holland America is also going to be doing a New Year’s cruise that will be seven nights. They will be serving a special dinner. You will be able to enjoy the different football games, and you will also be able to watch Times Square’s celebration, which is just one of the ways you can enjoy the evening.. Please let me know if you are interested in any of these.

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