Club Med

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I know it is Saturday, but I still have several things I want to do today. I’m trying to get my Christmas letter together today. And I think I am going to post that later today. We will just see how everything goes. So let’s get started on this.

Club Med is the company which had the idea of going all-inclusive.And now they are going to add an adults-only section to their Punta Cana resort. This will be a place of relaxation, a great place to reconnect with your spouse. The resort also hopes to host business meetings at this oasis of rest. And if your family decides to drop off all the children off at the main resort’s kids’ club, you and any adult with you can enjoy a day at this place as well.

There are, of course pools where you can either relax or workout. You will also have access to a private beach which is exclusively for this resort. And there will be a lounge there that serves food that will delight any adult.

This place will have less than eighty rooms. Each room will come with a very nice bathroom. With each room you will have access to a a nice outdoor space. The tv will come with a complementary movie library for when you want to relax in your own room.. I am going to stop here. Please let me know your thoughts.

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