More hotels to celebrate at

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I’m not entirely sure what this week, or the days I am going been working, are going to be like. But I’m not sure I am going to do much except what is necessary. Once I do get back from our celebrating, I know I need to work on balancing the things I do for work. But I’ll figure that out more later.

Let’s look at some more hotels which do special things for Christmas. Southbridge Hotel and Conference Center which is in Massachusetts does a nice candlelight package.. Apparently Stonebridge is a village that does a lot for Christmas, and so just being there will get you into the right spirit. And you will get a pass to all the festivities when you buy a package. Festivities will include a visit from Santa, treats, sleigh rides and holiday music. Besides your room, you will also get free breakfast, access to the indoor pool, sports courts and a business center.

Foodies might want to visit Hotel Zamora. When you stay there, you will also receive a picnic basket for two which will have garlic leg of lamb sandwiches and ppeppermint cheesecake lollipops. You will also be given a bottle of champagne. I would love to know what you think about either of these places.

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