Places to ring in the new year

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I’m trying to figure out what all to do before Christmas. I’m not even sure whether to work Christmas Eve. I’m not sure what my family is doing. We’ll be gathering with most my siblings the day after Christmas.. So anyway, let’s get started

I have to be honest, New Year’s Day is not my favorite holiday. The holidays are over, it’s time to tell family good-bye and get back to normal life. But if you are looking for something fun to do, here are some ideas.

You might want to try Fort Lauderdale’s Harbor Beach Marriot Resort and Spa. They are going to have a fabulous dinner for you New Year’s Eve, which will cost sixty dollars for each adult, and thirty for each child. They are going to have spare ribs, lobster risotto, and Grouper to name just a few of the menu items. And of course, this is a great place to enjoy the beach and soak up some wwarmth.

If you would like to celebrate the new year in somewhere exotic, Puerta Vallarta. Marriott’s Casamanga is having a big party. Children will have their own buffet. Adults will be treated to a six-course dinner. If you want to stay overnight, there will be all kinds of spa treatments you can indulge in.

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