To stay with relatives or not

I am going to get a little personal here. When I was growing up, my family always used to go to my grandparents’ for Christmas. Both Mom’s and Dad’s parents lived in the same small town in Virgina. My family used to split between my grandparents’ homes. I loved being by myself at my grandparents’, having lots of quiet to read. Dad’s mother made some of the best food.. Since our family lived farther away, we would stay longer than my aunts and their families. But my favorite times were when everyone would gather together. Yes, it was crazy trying to get everyone fed and have places for everyone to sleep. But I loved having everyone together. I have so many wonderful memories of those times. I wouldn’t have wanted to stay in a hotel for anything.

But I know that some people feel differently about that. They would rather be in a comfortable bed than on the couch or floor. They like have somewhere they can go if they need a time out. They don’t like, or in some cases are allergic to, other family’s pets.. I would love to know your thoughts on this.

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