Coming back home

We are home, and I’m kind of hoping to keep my nose to the grindstone for a while now. This past trip kind of went through several changes. And everything turned out fine. But anyway, kind of ready to get back to normal for a while.

So when I read this article on “reverse culture shock”, it kind of caught my eye. First, let’s look exactly what this is. t’s readjusting to your normal, everyday life. But that might be part of the problem right there. You’ve taken a wonderful trip, and it’s opened your eyes to new things. You are going to be changed each time you travel, especially if it’s outside the country.. So how do you readjust?

First, you are going to want to talk to other travelers about their experiences. What things do you have in common? What do you see differently?. You might also want to reach out to travel bloggers. I personally would love to hear from anyone about this.. I think we are going to get back to this tomorrow.

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