Carnival is remodeling a ship

630x355 (3)

It amazes me how much better and more able to work I feel after taking a day to just not look at anything to do with work. I love this job. But taking Sundays off to be with friends always renews me.

Speaking of renewing, Carnival is going to update one of its ships to get it up to speed with the “Fun ship” model they’re working on as their new image. This ship is one of the Fantasy class ships, and they are going to be doing this renovation starting later this month and going through the first half of February. That sounds quick to me, but anyway. Let’s look at some of the specifics.

  • They are going to add a Guy’s Burger Joint, which is going to be a poolside venue. You will not be charged anything extra to eat here.
  • They are also going to add a poolside Mexican eatery. And this place will also be free of charge.
  • They will be adding a bar which will have a Caribbean flair to it. They will be serving a lot of frozen drinks. That will just be one of several bars.
  • They are already working on their children’s program to make it better..

Let me know if you would be interested in taking a Carnival cruise.


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