Valentine’s Day thoughts

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It’s Friday, and I’m kind of ready to get through the things I need to with work and either… I have made the decision to write a book to promote this business. I’m in the early planning and research stages of this.. I’m working on these ideas once I have done this, worked through my e-mail, and done some on my training course.. I’m trying to get faster on these things so I will have more time to work on this book. But of course right now I’m also tired.. Work/life balance, which is kind of what the book will be about, is always a struggle.

Valentine’s Day… Okay, would you rather just get a box of chocolates and maybe a romantic dinner. Or do you want to get away with your spouse for the weekend? Hotels are betting that a lot of couples are going to want to do a getaway for the weekend. And yes, they are going to be raising the rates..

If you want to try to get around this, you can take your trip not exactly on Valentine’s Day. You can get away either the weekend before or the weekend after, and it can be just as romantic. Or you might consider trading houses with another couple. Maybe you can trade off watching your kids, meaning one couple will watch all the kids each weekend.. Write and let me know you’your thoughts.

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