About the book

I’m talking to someone about doing a booking. Hopefully this become a lot more common, but right now I’m kind of distracted.

Yesterday I started writing this book that I’ve told you about. It is going to take me a while to get everything the way I want it, but I wanted to share the basic premise of the book.

By now, most everyone knows that I love the family.. I’m a big proponent of traditional marriage, of couples marrying and staying together for life and raising families together.. But today’s family is often so busy. A lot of families have both of the parents working. Kids are in school, and often have sports and other activities they’re involved in. I guess my big question is, are we just too busy to connect deeply with our families?

And so as I am going through business strategy, when I’m thinking about what exactly I want to do, my hope is to help families reconnect through travel. Vacations gets us away from our daily routines and help us reconnect with those we love the most. I would love to know your thoughts on any of this.

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