Hilton is reaching out to younger travelers

630x355 (3)Happy Monday everyone. I’m kind of getting a later start, but hopefully will still be able to get through everything..

I feel like we’ve talked about cruises a lot lately, so today we are going to talk after about hotels. Hilton is starting a new chain that will cater to the millennials. They are going to try to build a lot of these hotels rather quickly. And they want to set the price for these rooms somewhere between fifty and a hundred dollars a night.

There are going to be several large spaces where travelers can gather. And one of those places is going to have a gaming center and a theater. Their front desks will be known as the command centers. I’d be interested to see if these places will be any different than normal front desks. And of course, each of these hotels is going to have free wifi and free breakfast. They will also have a lot of vending machines, including some that will serve alcoholic beverages.

I would love to hear any ideas you might have for new hotels.

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