Hotel news

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I’m settling in to normal life after having some time with family and friends. I’m kind of looking forward to not racing through work stuff. I have several things I’m trying to figure out, but will get to that once I have this done.

Today I think we are going to look at different hotel news. And the first thing is that the Caribbean had a very good year in sales last year.. If the Caribbean is something you want to do this year, it is probably a good idea to book your trip well in advance, because they are going to be raising prices

This year is starting out well for North American hotels, and this is because businesses are booking their meetings for the year. While this is good news, of course hotels would like to see more business coming in from leisure travelers.

This comes as no big surprise to me, but Orlando had a good year as far as hotels goes in 2015. Orlando is home to a lot of different amusement parks. Let me know if you want to know more about any of this.

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