An interview with Wendy

Everyone here knows that I’m starting to write a book. Well, because of the book, I have started interviewing women who own a business who are also raising a family. This first one is from my friend Wendy. And Wendy says :

First, tell me about yourself. Are you married? How many kids do you have? What do you like to do in your downtime?


Married, 3 kids.  In my downtime, I love to read.  Or go for a walk.


Tell me about your business. Why did you start it? What made you decide to go into that particular business?


I promote literacy through a franchise with Usborne Books & More.  I heard about it at a book party at a friend’s house and couldn’t decide what books I wanted for my kids, so I hosted my friends to earn a plethora of free ones for myself.  I was hooked because it was a business I could take with me, whereas with my previous business, personal training, I had to leave clients behind every time we moved.  I also saw that I could give more through their matching grant program.


Tell me about your work\life balance. Do you feel like you are balanced?  I love to work.  To me, work is fun, and I live to work.  However, God placed me with a man who does not feel the same way.  My husband’s view is that we work only in order to live.  I am blessed that he balances me out – or attempts to, anyway!


Do you set aside time each day\week to be with your family? Do you have certain things you like to do together? Do you and your husband do date nights? Tell me about those.


Yes.  Friday nights are sacred.  We usually try a movie, or a game, karaoke, or a read aloud.


After dinner, averaging twice a week, we read a fun story, and then a short Bible lesson and devotional.


My husband and I used to be able to go out when we lived near family 3 years ago.  Or, we could count on Army mandatory fun events for our dates.  Now that we have moved to a smaller Army post, we are in the middle of finding out how to date each other.  It is turning out that lunch dates (with my 3 year old in tow) are great!


If you’re feeling like you are not getting enough time with your family, do you think that a family vacation might help?  Always.


When was the last time you took a vacation? Did you enjoy it? Did it bring you together?


We took a vacation I earned with my company last year, for a week, to Ireland.

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