Another interview

I final figured out how to print and paste this interview correctly. So here it is.

First, tell me about yourself. Are you married? How many kids do you have? What do you like to do in your downtime?

I am a working mother who owns Bowers Occupational Therapy Services Inc. I have 3 step children and 1 natural born child. I usually watch tv, go hiking, look at face book and make crafts, along with gardening.

Tell me about your business. Why did you start it? What made you decide to go into that particular business?

My business is to house my Occupational therapy degree. I started it out of need to be paid by the school districts and not to pay so much in taxes. I decided after I graduated from school.

Tell me about your work\life balance. Do you feel like you are balanced?

I work with children who have disabilities in a public school setting. I do feel balanced because I work from 8-3:30 mon through fri.

Do you set aside time each day\week to be with your family? Do you have certain things you like to do together? Do you and your husband do date nights? Tell me about those.

I don’t set aside time per se but I spend time with them everyday. We like to do crafts. We do not do date nights. We really enjoy having Bess around.

If you’re feeling like you are not getting enough time with your family, do you think that a family vacation might help?

I would love a family vacation to a tropical island, I would like to invite my best friend and her family also.

When was the last time you took a vacation? Did you enjoy it? Did it bring you together?

I take several vacations but mostly we stay home or do stuff like camping, fishing and hiking.

Did you plan it yourself? Did you enjoy planning it?

Yes we plan it.

Have you considered using a travel agent? Why or why not?

Yes I have considered it. But think that it would be expensive so I have not used one.

What would you like to ask a travel agent?

How much does it cost to have some one plan my vacation? Can you get deals that I cant get?

Do you know any other women business owners who might be willing to take this?

I don’t know any others that will take this. Sorry

Would you like to receive travel newsletters online?

Not at this time. Thank you though.

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your


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