Another interview

I have gotten several interviews, and think I am going to post one each day.. Thanks, Lynne, for sharing.


My name is Lynne Gallagher 51 yrs old and very happily married. I have threE fabulous boys 14, 12,
and 9 5 cats and three dogs. Real family of animal lovers and very inspired by nature. In my down
time I run a local wildlife rangers group for 9 – 18 year olds, photograhy is a passion especially
wildlife, I work on self improvement through Yoga and meditation.
My business is an online makeupsuperstore, basically it was set up as niche filler when Avon pulled
out of Ireland. I wanted to work with makeup as a way to empower women to feel good about
themselves. To encourage them to just try a bit of something to make you feel special even if its just
a bit of lipstick. I also wanted to discourage the notion that only supermodels wear makeup and look
fabulous. Even if you are a novice or other people look at your makeup and think oooh wouldnt
have done that, enjoy how makeup makes you feel not how the media tells you too.
For most people they would say that my work/life balance doesnt exist. And from the outside thats
how it looks but to explain, I had a serious heart attack nearly 5 years ago and have a
pacemaker/defibrilator fitted, couldnt work and stuck at home feeling useless so first thing I did was
take the boys out of school and home schooled them. The two eldest are at secondary school now
doing honours in all subjects so did a reasonable job there and smallest is still being schooled by
me. It might sound like I have no work/life balance but in truth I do. We get to share special times
when we can go out in thesnow and watch animals for school work, they trust me more and its a
very harmonious household.
\When I mine is fairly good.
the kids loved it but I really dont like travelling so it was a nightmare going and coming back,
holiday was great tho.
Planning holidays for us is deciding where to go and then going to a really good travel agent who
knows wht they are doing, the best plans, hotels, flights etc. I have zero interest in trawling the net
for cheap flights etc, a holiday to me means starting as you mean to go on and letting someone
qualified do the work.
If I could ask a travel agent something, hmm, can you find find me the best place to just relax with
family where the kids can be entertained doing outdoor pursuits and interesting stuff and we can
just chill and have spa days or just a bit of leisurely activity to keep us from boredom.
You could ask Danielle Rock Kealy just mention me, and Laila Ali again mention me.
Please do send me travel newsletters especially anything on the ice hotel in Svalbard and holidays
to see the polar bears in same place.
Thanks hun and a pleasure to help you out.


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