Airport hotels

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I’m trying to figure out how to balance everything I want to do. Writing a book is going to take some time, until but I would also love to figure out ways to start bringing in some money now. I have a lot I want to do. And with writing this book, I’m thinking about work\life balance, and not to be honest, I have no idea what that should look like for me.

Anyway, today we are going to look at airport hotels, and what Hilton is planning to do with theirs. Okay, airport hotels is something else I’m just learning about.. An airport hotel is just what it sounds like, a hotel near the airport. It’s a convenience when you have a really early flight or just don’t want to worry about getting there late. These hotels are often known for being pretty basic and without a whole lot of frills.

But Hilton is trying to change that. And they are going to start this concept in Amsterdam. This hotel is very convenient to the airport. But it is going to be a four star property and will have a lot of nice amneties. This is a beautiful property that has ssoundproof windows that will enable you to sleep. Each room is equipped with wi-fi and a nice desk. You will be able to choose from three different restaurants. Let me know if you want to try something like this.

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