A “no vacation” nation?

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I started looking at the travel news, and today they had something on how America is really not taking vacations these days. And to be honest, that is hard on us travel agents because when people don’t take vacations, we can’t book them.. Yes, I know that retired people are traveling, and that there is a lot of business travel. But my heart is really to work with families. I want to help families reconnect through travel. Everything I do, whether writing thi blog, writing this book, trying to talk to more people about my business, is geared to help families reconnect through travel.

Anyway, Americans are getting less time off work than most Europeans. But the sad truth is that most Amercans are simply not taking the vacation time that they do get… We are human, and all of us need downtime. No matter how much we enjoy our jobs, work is always at least somewhat stressful. We need time where we leave the pressures of work behind and just relax with family and\or friends. We also need time by ourselves to be with the Lord.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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