You may need a vacation if…

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I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I know I did. And now I am trying to get back into the groove. I’m sure I am going to get back my stride soon.

Okay, I’m always talking about trips you can take, or things you can do on vacations. But today let’s look at some signs you might be ready to take a vacation.

  • Work produces stress, there’s no way around that. But if you’ve gone too long without a vacation, you are going to find that little problems are going to drive you crazy. And you may start to snap at at your coworkers or, even worse, your clients which is never a good thing and can lead to serious poblems if you don’t do something.
  • Your coworkers may start asking if you need a vacation, especially if you get irritable. They may start dropping hints. You may feel yourself getting tired or cranky.
  • You also may find yourself making mistakes that you would not normally make. And this might lead to you losing your job, or not getting the promotion you want. Work just doesn’t hold your interest like it once did. You might find yourself having more and more negative feelings about work.. Yes, people work to make a living, but you should find it pleasant most days.

I am going to get back to this tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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