More signs that you need a vacation


I must confess that I’m a creature of habit. I like doing things in a certain way and order. I have some things I always do before work, a certain order I like to do my work work in.. But anyway, let’s discuss more signs you may need a vacation.

  • Stress i really not healthy for your body. Living with stress long te is going to health problems. If you’re living in pain, please take some time off. Get help if you need it.
  • Everyone is going to have an occasional stomach ache. But if you’re having tummy trouble on a regular basis, you need to take some time off for sure.
  • If you’re having problems sleeping at night, it may be caused by stress. And not getting enough rest effects everything, your health, your work and your family. If you’re having problems resting, please take sometime to get away.
  • You chose your job for a reason. If you’re not seeing any point to your work, please take some time away.

I would love to get your thoughts.

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