More cruises when you want to unplug

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I am going to talk about cruises that would be perfect when you want to get away among people you love. But I was thinking earlier, I’m a writer as well as a travel agent. And sometimes authors need to get away from everyone and everything so that they can have concentrated time to write time to write. And these cruises would work well for that as well.

Okay, the first cruise we are going to look at today is Windjammers’ Caribbean cruises. These are six to twelve night cruises that are actually sail boats. The largest ship in this fleet does not hold thirty people. You might have phone depending on your carrier, but there is no internet.

Evoventura is a family owned company, and they’ve been doing galapagos island cruises for twenty years. You are going to be a lot of wildlife. You can also snorkel to see even more wildlife. There is no phone or internet on these cruises. And these ships take no more than twenty guests..

New to the industry is a company called Hebrides, they started sailing in 2014. They have only six cabins available for guests. On this cruise you will be exploring Scotland and enjoying its wildlife. You will have limited phone service.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these.

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