Travel news

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I have been talking to a couple of people about booking trips this morning. It’s been kind of crazy in a good way But I’m waiting on some things from them , so I am going to do some other things.

One of the cruises I planned for some of my siblings made a call to Belize.. This used to be a very quiet place with little to do except enjoy the beach. But that is changing. They saw a lot more visitors in 2015. A large part of that was due to the renovation of their airport.

And then there is Cuba and all that is going on there. Cuba is slowly opening up for American travel, and that is pretty exciting to watch. It is opening up by degrees. Right now you basically have to be part of a tours group to go to Cuba. But they are going to start opening up commercial flight so you can go anywhere you want.


And about Fiji, yes, they’ve had a cyclone go through and cause damage. But please don’t change your plans to go. The best way you can help is to go and spend your money there. The majority of hotels and different things you’ll need are still fully functional.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these destinations.

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