Why we need family vacations

I’m kind of doing an experiment with an online business group thing. And part of what they want you to do is to write articles. So here is my first one.

Did you know that America is one of the countries that takes the least number of vacation days? Now let me say from the beginning that I am in no way against work. Work is good, it is honorable. But most Americans are working almost around the clock, because everyone has phones where you can take calls and check e-mail almost anywhere.

But with that being the case,we’re spending less and less time connecting as a family. And you have to wonder if that’s part of why the tragedy of divorce is occurring more and more. We aren’t making time for our families. Even when we do step away from work, most families are going in different directions with various activities. We are busy. We are stressed out from everything we feel like we have to do. Making time to be with our families seems like a luxury we just can’t afford.

But family should be more important than that. Family is the cornerstone of civilization. Everyone needs a group of people who they know they can count on in any situation, people who know them. Everyone needs some kind of intimate relationship.

And that’s why we need to take more family vacations. Vacations gets us out of our routines and away from all the distractions of our normal, busy lives and us to spend time with the people that matter most to us. So please start planning a family vacation today.

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