Around the world in 180 days/Harvest Caye

No, I’m not turning this into a movie review blog. Oceania Cruises is going to do a 180 day cruise in 2018. You will be touring parts of five continents. You would be leaving in January and will get back  in July. It may not be as exciting as the movie, but Oceania is a luxury cruise line, and you will be treated like royalty.This will cost around forty thousand dollars for two people to go on, and there will be a lot of amenities you can enjoy.

Let’s look at some other cruise news. Norwegian Cruise Lines is working on it’s own private island, which is something hing a lot of cruise lines are doing. Norwegian’s island is going to be called Harvest Caye. They are going to be spending one hundred million dollars on on this renovation, and they are now projecting that the island will be ready in November of this year. There will be eleven air conditioned villas which will have restaurants and lounges that you will be e able to enjoy. You will have access to indoor or and outdoor showers. There will be all kinds of water sports you can participate in. And there will also be shopping here. I would love to know your thoughts or any questions you might have about any of this. Yg


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